Status Quo Playing Mo Fest

This weekend is the Montrose Music Festival with over 200 bands in 20 venues, why not come along and camp at our Mo Fest Meet with Stewards Dave & Isla West who always run a great meet.

The site is perfectly flat and has access to Toilets, easy walking into the town to see the various bands, this is always a great weekend and you may even be able to sit outside your van on the Friday evening and listen to Status Quo playing in the East Links.

Why not check out The Montrose Music Festival web page Here

Have a great meet.

PADA, winners of 2014 Inter DA competition

What another great Region meet this year and to cap it all off PADA won the inter DA competition. Congratulations to the DA members who took part and put all that effort into every part of the competition.Pada winners 2014

Congratulations also to all the DA’s as this year it was a really close run competition, the Sports were great and so were the Displays, well done everyone.

Special thanks to Morton McBurnie who designed and arranged for the sports/ games.