Ryder Cup THS

Our THS for the Ryder Cup has started, why not come along and enjoy the beautiful setting only a few miles from the excitement that will be happenning next week in the Ryder Cup.

The weather looks like it is hotting up so come along and enjoy.

We are in the Glendevon Valley, this road will be closed for the buses going to the Ryder cup, however we will have access, all the road stewards are aware that there is a Caravan Rally on and will let you through for access.

Have a great meet

Ryder Cup 2014

For all you golfers who have been watching the  Johnnie Walker Championship at Gleneagles, Remember that we have a Tempory Holiday Site at “The Haugh Glendevon” only a few miles from Gleneagles while the Ryder Cup is on. Why not come along enjoy the countryside and go see the golf.

Anyone wanting more info please get in touch.