NWDA Volley Ball Meet

Why not visit the NWDA Volley Ball Meet, They are very keen to attract more DAs and Sections from the Club to come and join in this Inter DA Volleyball Meet. This meet has ran for over 30 years, and since moving from NECDA, has been ran by North Warwicks for the past 5 years.
Its a great weekend, with DAs from Central Counties, Berkshire, Yorkshire, Leeds, Sheffield, even as far as Glasgow DA. It would great to meet other like minded campers. They have a marquee, live band. If you are not part of a team, just come along we will get you a game.
See there Advert below.

Scotlands National Air Show, National Museum of Flight

Anybody interested in Scotlands National Airshow 2013, it happens on 27th July 2013 at the National Museum of Flight, East lothian.

Our THS at Scoughall Farm ( 7th July – 4th Aug )  is only 4 – 5 miles from this and is a great base to attend from, for those that just want to stay on site we can often see some of the ariel displays from the site, have a look at our THS page Here to see what else is going on. for anyone who has not been to Scoughall before this is on a flat field beside the beach, the sandy soil allows for great drainage and even in our occasionally damp weather the site dries up quickly and therefore is good for caravans, tents and motorhomes, we have lots of activities planned that you can join in if you wish or just do your own thing.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Open Golf 2013, Scoughall 2013

All you Golf fans out there, the Open Golf Championship is being held at Muirfield Gullane, 14th to 21st July this is approximately 10 miles from our THS at Scoughall Farm North Berwick, there is a local bus that passes the end of the road, why not come and spend a bit of time in a lovely part of the country..

See you all there.

Jean Stewart Walk

Well done to all our youth and leaders for completeing the Jean Stewart Walk. For those that don’t know the Jean Stewart Walk is a 20+ mile hike over 2 days carrying all their camping gear, food, etc.

The weekend saw them have fantastic weather and they survived the heat and sun with no more than some sore feet, well done everyone.